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vitaLED 2.0

Dynamic lighting with vitaLED® via building services or Bluetooth

More and more your customers don't want any longer to turn their lighting on and off primarily via a light switch. Integration in the Smart Home, control via a mobile phone and continuously adjustable light are playing an increasingly important role and meeting the requirements of modern people in a digital age.  With vitaLED®® there is a range of additional benefits that are specifically oriented to the growing demands of modern customers and have both the visual and the psychological impact of light in mind. Light significantly influences mood and can promote high spirits as well as ill-humour. With the innovative and intuitively controllable 4-colour vitaLED®® technology (RGBW), by means of which a continuous adjustment of the light is possible, light is taken into account.


The operating principal of vitaLED®  

Conventional 3-colour RGB LED chips (red, green, blue) can only produce an impure, invariable white optical sound. A fourth white LED chip is needed to reproduce different white light variants. This is exactly what vitaLED® technology is based on, which thus recreates daylight and can have a relaxing, motivating or performance enhancing effect. 2 technological options are available to the user: 1. vitaLED® for individual room solutions and uncomplicated control via Bluetooth, and 2. vitaLED® 2.0, the complete package with control modules, which is suited for integration into the building systems technology.  

An additional fact is that all light models with vitaLED® technology support the biorhythm of those present and thus can have an extremely positive effect on their well-being. Photo receptors on the human retina serve not only visual perception but also control hormonal balance and influence mood through emotions. This control system occurs via the blue light particles, which are much stronger in cool light and weaker in warm light. A high proportion of blue suppresses melatonin production and thus affects motivation positively. Warm light contains a larger amount of red particles and supports relaxation and reassurance. 


vitaLED® – with research for the best light 


The South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences provided the scientific knowledge for the development of vitaLED® and created the basis for the development of innovative lighting ideas. vitaLED® meets the highest German quality standards and has been completely developed and produced – Made in Germany. As a result, vitaLED® 2.0 offers innovative control options and can be operated via DALI, DMX and integration into the building system. Easy operation for one or several rooms at the same time round out the portfolio and provide the desired lighting situation in each room. After a light spectrum has once been selected and manifested via a computer, this can be accessed again at any time via different control options and very easily implemented via Bluetooth.

  vitaLED® is an innovation for a cosy and healthy home of your customers, in which both the optical and psychological effects of light are integrated. The latest technology, customised designs and easy operation will win you over with vitaLED®.