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Surface-mounted luminaires

Benefits of surface-mounted luminaires that will impress your customers 


We offer your customers a variety of exclusive options with our surface-mounted luminaires, when stylish and energy efficient LED lighting cannot involve flush mounting and the structural changes necessary to install it.  The design as well as the illumination level of the surface-mounted luminaires will impress both on the wall and the ceiling – whether in individual rooms or individual segments of a room. The combination of energy efficiency and modern design is a clear benefit of our surface-mounted luminaires. You can direct the attention of your customers to the minimal installation cost. In your customers' living rooms, offices and shops, surface-mounted luminaires are an ideal solution for professional lighting that doesn't require too much effort to mount and can be perfectly integrated.


Design and sustainability 


Lights mounted on the wall or ceiling can be seen in our product range in very different shapes and designs as well as in diverse materials with very different colour schemes and surfaces. There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to light colour, since surface-mounted luminaires can be combined both with warm white light as well as LED inserts for a customised lighting that meets customer requirements. LEDs are known for their sustainability, low power consumption and the longevity of the lamp. For these reasons as well, we rely on the latest LED technology and offer the best performance in lighting technology. Mounting surface-mounted luminaires requires only a few simple steps and is suitable for all wall and ceiling surfaces. Since heat build-up is sharply reduced with LEDs. surface-mounted luminaires can be used on wood, wallpaper and stone as well as plasterboard and may be used for stylish lighting effects with elegant design in shape and colour.


Perfect energy management 


Illumination and lighting using LED surface-mounted luminaires are suitable for a wide range of applications and provide accent lighting, which for example also is impressive in retail stores, illuminates different shop areas with the desired intensity and shows off the products offered. LED surface-mounted luminaires may also be used very nicely for continuous lighting, for example in display windows or in a gallery, and may also be attached to glass surfaces, among others. The possibilities for their use are so varied that the perfect lighting for a variety of application areas can be selected and implemented with mounting in combination with the precise and environmentally friendly management of LED technology. Installation at the customer's site doesn't require much time and precludes lengthy construction work as preparation.