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Speaker insert

High-quality speakers inserts for commercial and private use 


Music has an extremely positive effect on the mood and the physical constitution of people. For that reason it is an important constituent part of daily life in shops, in restaurants, in many public buildings and also in offices, and of course in private households as well. Flush-mounted loudspeakers are the solution for the best sound and an invisible distribution of the output modules for the music. They can be installed in walls and ceilings and almost invisibly through their unobtrusive appearance. Our flush-mounted loudspeakers are powerful and only require a two-core cable for the perfect sound.


Various models of flush-mounted loudspeakers 


We have a wide variety of choice for your customers , ranging from classical loudspeaker inserts with white or chromed perforated plate covers up to inconspicuous loudspeakers mounted within the ceiling in white or black design, plus models with a design that resembles a ceiling-mounted spotlight. For example, in shops, restaurants and hotels the best choice is flush-mounted loudspeakers fitted in the ceiling, which can hardly be distinguished from the spotlights used for lighting due to their chromed outer ring and clean design. The customer was only be aware of the pleasant sound produced by high-quality loudspeakers but not of the loudspeakers themselves. Crystal-clear sound reproduction result from the futuristic technology that is incorporated in each loudspeaker and in view of the design can be produced without a visual break with appearance of the room.


Flush-mounted loudspeakers have a great many advantages 


The loudspeakers offer various technical aspects, whereby the selection is always oriented towards a product that can meet the relevant requirements. No elaborate constructional changes are required for installation in the room and each flush-mounted loudspeaker can be inserted into all kinds of materials, such as wood or plasterboard. Several modules can be connected to the output device by means of a two-core cable so that the wiring of the flush-mounted loudspeakers can be done very quickly and easily. For the customer the result of the correct distribution of the loudspeakers that can be placed at regular intervals in the room is authentic reproduction of the music with the same sound in all parts of the room. Flush-mounted loudspeakers are the way to achieve a uniform volume and reproduction of the music in the entire room and to design each area as a pleasant refuge for your customers and their guests.