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Innovative lighting concepts for shops 


The commercial success of shops depends not only on high quality products and a wide assortment of goods but just as importantly also on the presentation of goods, their impact and optimal lighting. Technical and psychological demands have to be met in good shop lighting and adjusted to the needs of the customer. As a result, wholesalers and retailers attach great importance to energy efficiency and are especially interested in cost-effective and efficient solutions. Energy efficient LED lights from the BRUMBERG Shoplight product line can be customised to the particular industry sector and range of products, whereby your customers receive the best performance. On entering the shop, its customers in turn feel motivated and encouraged to shop.


Three factors for optimal shop lighting 


Low energy costs and long service life as well as the light quality and light impact are the primary focus for shop operators. Light is an important factor in presenting goods and determines how well a range of products catches on with customers and what impression the end consumer receives from the shop. Mobile shops need shock-resistant lighting, which holds an important position under the rubric shop lighting. An additional convincing feature is technology that has been specially developed for shops with an optimal light pattern and high degree of reflection.  

A different spatial illumination is needed for each area in the shop and a different structural form of the lights favoured. A professional selection of shop lighting includes various models from track spots to recessed and surface-mounted spots to the appropriate accessories for modular click and plug-in systems. 


Customised solutions are gaining ground 


Perfect light in the display window is not at the same time the optimal lighting for aisle areas or merchandise presentation inside the retail shop. For shop lighting, the BRUMBERG portfolio is therefore oriented to the different requirements as well as presentation objectives and is reflected in a number of innovative designs and arrangements. Spots for illuminating individual areas, track systems for a customer-oriented aisle layout and light colours appropriate for the goods and the desired impact on the consumer combine in shop lighting into an integrated concept that can be freely arranged and whose parts are compatible with each other. By means of optimal product depth and premium quality, the installation for retrofitting to cost efficient LED lighting doesn't present greater challenges and can be implemented in every shop precisely and oriented to the customer.


Saving energy doesn't mean in the retail trade forgoing appropriate lighting and negatively affecting the customer's mood. With the latest shop lighting, every area of the preferred mood is placed in the limelight, and the customer is guided through the shop in a pleasant light, and the presentation of the goods is optimised. As a result, LEDs with their long-lasting properties and customised options in illumination play an important role and allow entrepreneurial ideas to be implemented precisely with light.