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RGB lights

Unique colour accents with RGB lights 


RGB lights are an innovative option for creating more colour accents and high quality lighting for all of your customer's rooms. Innovative and long-lasting, RGB LED technology is a highlight in lighting and allows individual areas to be staged subtly or prominently as desired. The broadly diversified colour spectrum makes RGB lights perfect for restaurants or discos, showrooms and display windows, but also for private spaces. Flexibility in the colour setting is a feature that involves all RGB lights and puts playing with colour in a spectacular light.

  Benefits of the RGB colour space  

RGB lights are multicolour light sources that are designed with the RGB colours red, green and blue. For individually operating the lighting, a control unit is necessary, by means of which the three basic colours can be adjusted and displayed. The RGB control is a convincing feature with its continuously adjustable lighting, with which light can be adjusted to the current mood or a desired special accentuation – whether partial areas or whole rooms. RGB versions are available as recessed and surface-mounted lights, floor lights but also in the areas of panel lights and flexible strips. It is a future-oriented technology that has high longevity and sustainability as well as maintenance-free operation. Lighting is adjusted with only one illuminant to the desired ambience, mood or desired room impact and is for this reason a practical solution for the private and commercial sphere.


Coloured and white light with RGB LED 


The three basic colours can be mixed in a harmonious relationship and can be used both for coloured light as well as white light. Using the latest technology, customers can count on energy-saving properties with their RGB lighting combined with a variety of application options. 

Retrofitting existing lights with the MR16 insert is easy, since the MR16 RGB insert is compatible with a number of lights offered by us and can thus be exchanged smoothly and without complications. For more atmosphere and customised colour accents in a retail shop, in private spaces or in the restaurant trade and hotel industry, RGB lights are a creative and inexpensive idea, which can be integrated easily and used intuitively for the desired effect thanks to the various control options. Price and performance with RGB lights will win you over both when purchasing and with the subsequently declining operating costs thanks to innovative LED technology.