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Recessed spots

With our BRUMBERG recessed lights, there is plenty of freedom for creative and intuitive ideas both in design and lighting configuration. Energy-saving LED lights or halogen spots as well as low voltage spots play a major role in the field of recessed lights both for private and commercial users and offer the best illumination in a variety of spaces.


Sizes, shapes and designs for recessed lights 


Customers want an attractive variety in their lighting and value equally a decorative as well as practical effect for ceiling light. Whereas the bathroom is often designed with hot spotlights, recessed lights with cosy low voltage or LED lights mainly predominate in living rooms and bedrooms. If colour comes into play, the focus is generally directed to LEDs, which provide latitude for warm and cool as well as coloured and white light. With built-in halogen spots, the hanging lamp is no longer necessary and not really convincing both in design and light output, especially in low-ceilinged rooms.  

Built-in spots may be used individually for illumination of larger surfaces or as spot lighting to emphasise specific areas in the living area. Depending on the customer's requirements with regard to energy consumption, either LED, low voltage or halogen recessed lights are the right choice.  

The selection of recessed lights in various designs is thus correspondingly large for nearly all applications.  

The extensive BRUMBERG product range consists of different colour variations and models with extremely shallow installation depth, an easy plug and play connection system, as well as diverse innovative and exceptional features. Both the low voltage standard model and a number of special "super talents" can be found under the rubric of recessed lights and meet the requirements of nearly every customer. If the shallow installation depth in its basic form is not adequate and should be even shallower, LED recessed lights with merely 30 millimetre depth are ideal, especially for low ceiling heights.  Models with a purist design manage without any playful accents, which makes them suitable for every lifestyle and all spaces.

Energy efficiency and light output 


Selected LED recessed lights with 3, 7 or 14 watt output, such as models with article numbers 12251..., 12252..., 12261..., 12262... and 12271... are extremely efficient, situated in the A++ to A efficiency categories. The warm colour temperature of 2,700 Kelvin, which these and all 6.6 watt lights have, comes close to the colour of classic light bulbs, and no difference can be detected in ambience from previously used light sources. A 38° reflector can thus ensure homogeneous light distribution and with its 710 lumens can be used perfectly for illumination of a room as well as spot lighting of individual objects or areas of a room. Depending on the customer's requirements, there are LED recessed spots for example in the housing colours white, black, chrome, gold, stainless steel and aluminium or matt, glossy, painted or powder-coated finish. For even more ambience and customised lighting intensity, recessed lights may be selected with a dimmer and thus adjusted to the personal sensitivity of the user.


Many benefits to using high quality recessed lights 


As opposed to hanging lamps and classic ceiling light, recessed lights offer the benefit of having low energy consumption and a number of designs. They allow the room to appear higher and can, if they are selected in the corresponding design from the LED segment, evoke a star-studded sky. Recessed lights can therefore promote a romantic, harmonious as well as cosy atmosphere. Modern room illumination doesn't have to take up a lot of space and hang down low into a room.  

Every room can be designed in style with recessed lights; as a result, focus is directed to the versatile impact possibilities of the light.