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QualityFlex® - LED flexible strips for an impressive lighting solution 


LED flexible strips are an all-round talent for lighting and offer individuality in use. During manufacture, we rely on combining technologies and quality as well as on quickly implemented customised solutions at the customer's request. Even special models don't require long-term planning and may be selected based on the customer's requirements and installed without a long waiting period. A great advantage of flexible strips is the fact that not only the name promises flexibility but use of these LED strips is aligned with the customer's notions and ideas and can be integrated without difficulty into the already existing building structure or lighting concept.


Impressive special features of flexible strips


Energy efficiency and performance are two features of QualityFlex and are generated via the high performance SMD LED fitting. Since the heat emission is low and energy requirement minimal, flexible strips are perfect for all applications where continuous lighting is necessary and good thermal management is beneficial.  

LED flexible strips are extremely durable and are even more long-lasting when they are used in combination with high quality aluminium profiles. Colour rendition with a CRI up to >90 increases the application range of QualityFlex and thus also offers optimal technology for lighting in supermarkets and clothing or jewellery shops. There is no recognisable colour difference here compared to conventional LEDs, and the enormous latitude in implementing creative ideas has unlimited appeal. 


Multifunctional features when using flexible strips


Apart from QualityFlex, there is hardly an illuminant that is equally suitable for indirect and direct lighting and displays its advantages in both cases. Whether as background lighting or staging of matt glass surfaces, room lighting or highlighting architectural or artistic special features – your customers will be won over by flexible strips and appreciate their benefits. There are no restrictions to the surfaces on which the lighting may be used. The material is flexible, and there are strips that use different types of protection that allow QualityFlex to be used in moisture-prone areas without loss of quality or safety risk. By means of individual divisibility, flexible strips open up completely new possibilities, which promote individual customisation to the room and simplify installation. 


There a plenty of good reasons for the end customer to choose QualityFlex. The illuminant may be produced in customised lengths as quickly as possible and delivered with high quality aluminium profiles. The colour rendition up to CRI>90 and the optimal relationship of price and performance are convincing features. With protection types from IP00 to IP65, high performance double chip technology, a long lifetime, optimal thermal management, as well as variations from white to coloured light, flexible strips are the universal solution for demanding customers.