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LED inserts 

LED inserts with reflector technology 


For all surface-mounted and recessed lights, depending on end customer requirements, there are appropriate inserts that enable changing the lighting effect by a simple exchange of the illuminant. Innovative and developed and produced according to the standards of the latest technology, BRUMBERG LED inserts will dazzle not only with an optimal illumination in the desired light spectrum, but also with their longevity and sustainability, optimal light output due to smart reflector technology as well as their precision in their light emission.


Focussing on colour rendition and thermal management 


Brumberg LED lights attract attention with their perfect thermal management and true-to-life colour rendition perceived as if in daylight. A high lumen output is guaranteed with all LED inserts so that replacing old illuminants provides several advantages and allows even better light management in all spaces. LED inserts heat up less, don't conduct any electrical impulses along their outer covers and have more varied applications. The latest manufacturing methods as well as the focussed energy savings with LED inserts allow our new models to become the perfect choice for an attractive, practical and – in some cases even – healthy light (example: vitaLED).  

Light has a significant impact on the well-being of customers and can influence moods. With the LED inserts, the light spectrum is composed of the primary colours and thus creates a warm, harmonious and pleasant light with a long service life.  

LED inserts for every application area 


Even if LED illuminants are long-lasting and don't often have to be replaced due to their many of hours of light, different reasons can make you want a new LED insert. Whoever would like to opt for changing the light colour or selecting a light element with stronger or weaker power can very easily replace the LED insert in its light – depending on the housing – with the new inserts with reflector technology and base its lighting effect on one's own requirements. The appropriate element can be found among the different insert elements in the Brumberg product line for replacing the current LED inserts. More energy efficiency and a still more stylistic lighting don't just remain a wish thanks to the variety in the LED insert segment.  

With low energy use at maximum output and the desired illumination, LED inserts with reflector technology will win you over. Since heating of the illuminant is greatly reduced, the innovative inserts from our house ensure perfection in lighting and increase safety in the commercial as well as private sectors. LED inserts are suitable for both continuous lighting and time-controlled lighting with automatic settings and comply with the latest standards.