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Fibre optics

Implement fascinating lighting ideas using fibre technology


Varied, singular and available in different colour variations, fibre technology offers creative options in lighting and manages with energy-saving technology on top of that. A single set consists of up to 500 fibres, by which the light achieves a special effect and the end points of the fibres provide a decorative, starry accent. The fibre length can be as long as 20 metres and is thus suited to decorate a whole room fashionably, individually and creatively with only one light source. Electrical live voltage or heat build-up at the light discharge location are not side effects of fibre technology since it transports light exclusively and ensures the desired brightness or colour effect and thus enables applications of unexpected flexibility. Especially in the field of decorative working with light, fibre technology is becoming more and more important and is well established in restaurants, retail shops and clubs as well as in public buildings, museums and offices.


Creating many effects with one light source 


Whether starry sky with twinkling stars or shooting stars, a view into the vastness of the galaxies or colourful points of light with and without movement, fibre technology creates for its users options that can't be created with other light sources. Installation is also easy and feasible with any suspended ceiling. Due to the absence of any heating of the fibres, this form of lighting may be integrated into both wooden and wallpapered ceilings. Only the projector has to be placed so that it has sufficient ventilation. Fibre technology has become established both indoors and outdoors and provides the customer with new possibilities for creative implementation and lighting ideas.  

The low installation cost and effort, easy operation without expanding the power sources on the property, as well as numerous possibilities of playful and classical effects ensure unrestrained enthusiasm and a precise staging of a wide variety of area lighting and visual special features. The fact is that fibre technology provides an eye catcher in every room and is suitable for continuous lighting due its energy efficient properties.


An additional advantage of fibre technology are the compatible solutions for which the required accessories are already provided. After the lighting is mounted, it is easily connected to the power supply, and it doesn't take long for the effect to appear. Fibre technology can be used used both in the white light and RGB spectrum for lighting effects and may for example be customised further with a change of colour. Low operating costs and numerous applications characterise the innovative benefits of fibre technology.