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High-quality accessories for our lights 


Innovative lighting allows each room to be presented in the right light and provided with a graceful ambience. We have a wide portfolio of accessories in our range of products that we can offer our customers to match the lighting to suit all situations, for example, by dimming it or by integrating it into the building system technology. There is a wide variety of converters and mains units  that are ideally matched to suit all the available lights.  

LED converters - whether non-dimmable or to dim individual phases, Plug 'n' Play extension cable for lights with series switching , and LED mains units and dimmers are suitable in view of their long-term quality as accessories for the lighting of a shop or a restaurant, in hotels and of course in the private home of the customer.


Select just the right accessories for lighting systems 


When selecting LED converters it is important that the secondary voltage suits the light itself and hence can give its maximum output when in use. There are versions with 350, 700 or 1000 mA or 12 and 24V and hence the corresponding power rating for any kind of LED light. The material properties of the accessory products are of the very best and designed to withstand heavy use. To ensure perfect results when using the accessories it is essential to create a harmonious context between the intended purpose of use and the existing lighting, and also to have the accessories customised to the existing light sources and their output rating. The installation of converters or dimmers, of LED mains units or extension cables does not require any elaborate constructional changes  under existing conditions for flush-mounted lights and can be implemented as the customer desires without any visible changes  to the effect of the room. Each product from the range of accessories meets the most stringent requirements and provides a convincing demonstration of the high quality that we regard as a matter of course. 


Large selection of accessories from the professionals


T-connectors and cross connectors,  90° angle corner connectors, end pieces or end infeeds, mechanical connectors and stabilising plates for the ceiling attachment of Shoplight rail systems are available in white, black or chrome finish. In addition, in the range of lights there is a wide spectrum of compact fluorescent lamps, high-voltage and low-voltage halogen reflector lamps and, of course, our varied and energy-efficient LED inserts with lens optics or reflectors and RGB and vitaLED® inserts. All our accessory parts are matched to one another and to the lights sources offered and are correspondingly compatible with one another as well. Through the high level of quality and individual options for processing it is easy to match the effect of the light to suit the wishes of the customer and to set the desired accents in any commercial or private room.

  Favourable conditions and the high quality of the accessories  ensure maximum customer satisfaction and a tailor-made installation of the lighting for your clients.